Case Study 1 Ramsgate Caught in Time

Cover image opened full out

The Ramsgate Society wished to publish a book to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of it foundation in 1964. Cumulus approached photographer Julian Cottrell, now a resident of the town, who donated his photographs to the project. All the photographs in the book were taken during the Anniversary Year, and the book provides a fascinating snapshot of this town's unique architecture and townscapes - a memorial which will only increase in value with the passage of time.

Ramsgate Caught in Time was conceived and produced by Cumulus on behalf of the Society. The 158-page, full-colour volume, in a format of 210x210mm, is printed in litho on 135gsm coated paper, and contains a magnificent four-page fold-out section. It was produced in record time, at a fiercely competitive price, for publication in March of 2015.



Four-page foldout section showing a panorama of the town from the Royal Harbour


A spread showing some of the characteristic flint walling found in the town

One of the seven Themes into which the book is divided



Pulhamite artificial rocks and waterfall, Madeira Walk