Tarantella A new Collection of Rugs, and its inspiration

Tarantella: the cover opened full out


Luke Irwin, designer and seller of a rich and numerous variety of bespoke rugs, was about to launch a new collection, based largely on designs in a rare early twentieth century book on Italian Peasant Art. The rugs of the collection - to which he gave the name Tarantella - were all inspired by the ornaments and designs in this book. A catalogue needed to be produced - but Luke had an ambition for something more than the usual routine enumeration of designs and colourways. He wanted something which his clients might want to keep and enjoy for its own sake: something which spoke of the rugs’ inspiration and which paid homage to Italy, a country which has done so much to add to the pleasure of everyday existence, and make even utilitarian objects stylish.

Cumulus, working with Luke and with his editor, created what is not so much a rug catalogue as a love-letter to Italy. Fourteen articles - most of them specially commissioned from well-known writers - discuss with wit and insight a variety of the aspects of Italy. This is interpersed with photographs of the rugs in the new collection, plus a host of illustrations, including many woodcuts from the books which inspired them. This is the catalogue as Desirable Object.

152 pages, 180 x 240 mm, litho printed full colour on art paper, cover matt laminated, with silver foil and front and back flaps.