Cumulus: our offering

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It sounds obvious, but we care about books. We care about their content. their format, their production and their feel. We like Print-on-Demand books and eBooks as well - though we would like them to be better edited, better produced, better designed.

Publishing today is notoriously in difficulties. New authors have great difficulty in finding an agent to take them on, or a publisher to publish them. Even established authors, when they stray from the narrow area for which they are known, will fall foul of the obsession of today’s book world to seek clones of the latest blockbuster, and flood the shops with them.

That makes things difficult for writers with something off-beat or unfashionable to say; for writers who are writing to discover a readership, rather than to deliver a familiar product to an existing genre audience. Such writers are turning more and more to independent publishing. Writers who care about the quality of their independent productions are turning to publishers like Cumulus.

Watch this space for details of our exciting upcoming publications!